The best way to have a review is just asking for it. But sometimes this is not enough. At first glance, in our audience, there will be those who do not want to leave any, and those who will write one that isn’t usable for our purpose.

To have a method that helps to develop a good number of useful and positive reviews is crucial to maximizing its effectiveness. You just have to think about it. It is more simple than what you think: the secret to getting the review you want is to ask for the review you want. But first, let’s focus on the usability of reviews. The example of the number of opinions found (and left) on sites such as Tripadvisor for restaurants, will help us understand better.

Exactly why do people love reading restaurant reviews?

For some people, it is even a hobby. But the reality is one: when you read someone’s good reviews about something you feel insured that you made the right choice considering it.

Pay attention: if you are looking for a place to eat, you first look for reviews of the best restaurants in the area. I’m sure that at least 8 out of 10 times you will have chosen a place where a dish or a particular service was reviewed. Even before checking the price list. And when we find the review that can send away our doubts and fears, we feel more confident. And in no time we find ourselves at the restaurant table.

The usefulness of reviews lies in the mind of buying.

Just as restaurant reviews help you choose what and where to eat with more peace of mind, having a system of reviews inside the company will help your customers to feel the same way.

For this reason, once you get the reviews you need (4 or 5 are already a good number to start, you don’t need much more) is it better to upload them on the main pages of your communication channels. Website and social networks included. What your customers will write about you and your product can resolve other users’ potential objections. 

The easiest strategy

At the basis of this extremely functional system, there are:

  • a request from you to the customer,
  • guidelines designed to make this task as simple as possible.

Without a request, just a few customers will feel in the mood to help you. 

Without guidelines, on the other hand, the client could write things that, although kind and accurate, would not reflect our needs. Rather than leaving the client in front of a blank page, it is appropriate to ask them what we would like them to write.

Contact them to ask for a reference, and to write it according to the questions you have attached.

This workflow can help the customer thing about his problem and how your product helped to solve it.  This will allow you to help more people who had the same problem.

The other positive side of asking for references in this way is that you will make your customers feel important.  You are making them join the construction of something together. It’s a win-win situation. This strategy will help you build an even deeper relationship with your customers.

What to do if your customers are not interested to leave a reference?

Let’s start with an assumption: in any market piece, unless you ask for your customers, you will hardly be left out. If your customers aren’t willing to spend a good word on you, despite being satisfied with your job, it’s probably because they need an incentive. Give them a discount, a test product or free desert in exchange for a review. The ways to give incentives to your customers are almost endless.

I am sure that you have understood how to help your customers to help you. Be honest and ask for the right thing you need, is the best way to develop your reputation.

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