A survey conducted by TripAdvisor, in collaboration with Ipsos MORI, confirmed the important role played by online reviews during the booking of a hotel or restaurant. The opinions of travelers, in fact, not only significantly influence customer decisions, but also affect the online reputation of accommodations, restaurants and other types of premises.

The study carried out by the most consulted travel platform, revealed that the reviews published by users on TripAdvisor and other similar online portals have an important value on the planning of a trip or any type of experience. But what are the factors that push customers to consult the reviews before making a reservation? Why are people’s opinions so influential?

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The survey was carried out on a sample of over 23,000 interviewees from 12 different countries (4,572 from Italy). The data collected by TripAdvisor and Ipsos Mori revealed some of the reasons why reviews play such an important role. 70% of those interviewed underlined the reliability and usefulness of the online reviews published on the platform. 62%, on the other hand, highlighted the accuracy with which places and services are described.

The vast majority of survey participants also confirm the influential role of the reviews. 86% of respondents stated that reading the opinions of users on the most authoritative travel platforms helps the choice and helps to make reservations with greater confidence.

Now consulting online reviews has become a common practice. In fact, before booking a stay, potential customers prefer to examine the reputation of a hotel through the opinions of guests who have already stayed at the hotel. 79% of those interviewed confirmed this aspect; moreover, having to choose between two similar structures, the survey participants prefer to select the hotel with a higher average score. Finally, over half of those interviewed would never book accommodation with no reviews.

From the survey, in addition to the desire to read more current opinions and recent contents, another aspect emerged that concerns the publication of reviews. When asked about the reasons for writing a review, most of the respondents mainly expressed a desire to share positive experiences with other “fellow” travelers.

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