Allowing people to write reviews for your e-commerce has a big positive impact on your online reputation. And although negative reviews are not the end of the world. But even if they contribute to giving reliability to the company, you should certainly not encourage them. In this regard,  we will show you how to avoid receiving negative reviews as much as possible, and therefore maintain an excellent reputation on the web. But first let’s analyze the cause of negative feedback: what is it that drives customers to write them?

Why customers leave negative reviews?

Believe it or not, consumers don’t want to leave negative reviews: they want great service, a quality product, and reliable delivery. So when negative feedback is provided, there is always a reason (or almost always, if we count the reviews driven by the competition).

Among the main reasons we can find the following:

  • bad customer service
  • problems with products
  • slow shipments
  • return policies unclear (or with which people disagree).

Furthermore, consumers do not always leave a negative review angrily. Most of them have the goal of informing other people or allowing e-commerce to explain and / or improve.
And, just to allow you to improve your service, here are some tips to avoid negative reviews.

Do you want to avoid negative reviews? Put yourself in the customer’s shoes

When was the last time you made purchases in your online store or tested your services?
Maybe you think you are doing an excellent job, but until you put yourself in your customers’ shoes you can’t know for sure. Regularly testing your company’s performance (from an external point of view) is, therefore, a great way to identify any problems. These problems could put buyers in trouble and therefore encourage negative reviews.

Are you wondering how to best verify them?

It’s very simple: test the purchase process from start to finish. Place an order, contact customer service and wait for delivery. If possible, also try to make a return. Whenever you find a hitch or a slowdown, write it down and then work to solve it.

Be as easy as possible and avoid negative reviews in this way.

Being accessible and reachable, not dodging confrontation, are excellent ways to make your customers feel close to the company. Try to treat the customer in the most personal way possible, especially as regards the assistance service. If you send responses generated by predefined templates to consumers, they will not be heard. 

Regardless of whether their problem is solved or not, they could write a negative review. Personal responses are therefore critical to the success of customer service. Make them feel understood, appreciated and well cared for and you will see that they will be more likely to write positive reviews.

Encourage customers to leave reviews about your business

If customers are left to themselves they only tend to read reviews rather than write them. On the other hand, if they receive an invitation to review they are generally willing to accept it. So actively collect reviews and, most likely, you will receive a large number of positive feedback. While that doesn’t stop you from receiving negative reviews, it still helps put them in the background.

And, as you know, a negative review of fifty positives is much better than one in three!

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