The relationship between the customer and the company is the key to run every successful business. It does not matter the sector in which your business is operating. If you do not take care of your company reviews it be will difficult to achieve your goals. If your customers are satisfied, you will be aware that you are going the right way. You will be increasingly charged for new challenges. Keep your reviews under controle! When you read positive reviews, you will feel stimulated to continue that way! But what if you came across some negative reviews?

Someone has written to you that he will report you. That he has not found himself well at all, that he will never come back and shouts in a loud voice (with the font in capital letters!) That they would do well not to address you: perhaps you would instinctively want to ignore those comments. Nobody likes to deal with disappointed customers! It is difficult to find the right words for a discontented user but try to consider that negative feedback as an opportunity to question yourself, your business and your staff.

Let’s see how a negative review can turn into a moment of growth for your company.

Why negative reviews are useful

Negative reviews are often indicative of the small problems of your business. The sector with some deficiency or some process that you had missed; they can highlight the weak points on which you have to concentrate your resources and for which you must make absolutely improvements, both technically or in terms of staff.

How to manage negative reviews

Surely reading negative words about your company is not pleasant, especially if they are unfounded, if it was a single episode or, worse if you thought you already knew all the problems of your business. Try not to see the glass half empty, on the contrary, display the feedback with a constructive approach, because of the future improvement of the holes that your company presents.

Take your time (but do no procrastinate)

An avoidable mistake is to instinctively respond to a negative comment. Think carefully before writing to avoid being aggressive. Try to emphasize understanding more than to put yourself on the defensive. To increase the credibility of your company and improve the customer experience, do not wait too long to answer.

To listen is the most important step to manage negative reviews

Just an advice: compassionately address your customers. Say sorry (if you must) and thank them for pointing out the problem. It will be a starting point for you to roll up your sleeves and to find a remedy on  what is not working, because of upcoming growth.

Distinguish constructive reviews from free criticisms

Some people complain about every little thing, leaving reviews on social networks. Even exaggerating and emphasizing any aspect that was not in their chords.

Don’t be tempted to spark unnecessary controversy, even if you feel that the words have been stinging and you just want to defend your work.

Concentrate your energies on well-founded complaints and on those who are not ruling the entire trend of your business but who simply reminds you of a certain disservice.

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