The importance of been reviewed

The believing that someone’s opinion does not count, is true, only for the construction of one’s self-esteem.

If you have to sell, opinions of others, also known as reviews, are a very important tool that you can’t ignore.

The advantages in terms of search engine optimization are appreciable: reviews fall within those that are defined as “User Generated Content” (UGC), which is the contents written directly by users. Who owns a site, be it a web page or e-commerce, can benefit greatly from this type of content. What is certain is that it remains an important question: “how is it possible to exploit content that we cannot directly control?”

The question can also be asked in different terms: why should users write about our site? And the answer could be because we give him an incentive to do so. If appropriately incentivized, users are happy to give an review on the product purchased or at the end of a successful transaction. And these UGCs will have a positive effect on our positioning.

In SEO terms

But even more, if the comment on a product or a site is released on an external page, the SEO value will be greater since it will probably generate useful backlinks. This is the reason for the success of the sites that allow you to evaluate the purchase experience on e-commerce and participatory marketing portals. Let’s try to give an example, valid today more than ever, that combines the incentive to the user with the SEO advantage of reviews: the site Desire Magazine is one of the pages of the multinational P&G; within its pages, the brand offers content for its users, advice, offers and good discounts. Furthermore, the site allows users to publish their recipes and preparations and their photos. Another feature, much appreciated by the readers, is that of creating product tests: in practice, some users are selected who receive one or more goods at home for free, with the indication of using them. Consumers are asked to issue their opinion on the product, resulting in a productreview, on the site and social networks at fixed intervals.

Some companies put together product tests using a community of external users: the products are sent to some active users of the site who in return release their reviews, accompanied by photographs, on the site, on the main social networks and in the main portals that collect reviews. Each one is completed with a link to the product and/or the site that manages the product test.

In this way, companies get an advantage in terms of SEO

– the User Generated Content uses the keywords of interest (such as the name of the product followed by the word “review”);

– reviews can generate a backlink to the company website

– buzz is generated around the product and the site, both on the web and social networks

Therefore, reviews written by consumers are useful and important. There is however a distinction to be made. On the web, price comparators, services (often paid, based on the Pay per Click model) that allow companies to insert their products in the lists of these particular sites are also widely used; when a user clicks on our product on the list, the price comparator charges us the cost of that click (which generally ranges between 8 and 12 cents). On these sites, visitors can write their own reviews, as happens with review portals.

But there is a substantial difference: search engines do not like those who buy backlinks from other sites and tend to penalize this practice.

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